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About Us

MicroTag Temed Ltd., is a proven provider of top security authentication and anti-counterfeiting technologies for the most demanding Brand Protection applications. The company possesses a high-level R&D expertise in solid-state physics, chemistry, materials science and signals processing, which served as the basis for MicroTag own invented and developed novel and unique authentication technology, now patented word-wide. MicroTag is serving by now, large companies with world-wide distributed product lines, ranging from consumer electronics to high fashion apparel. The company is privately held.

MicroTag is certified to ISO-9001-2008

Business Partners

MicroTag policy is to cooperate with Integrators so as to provide the end-customers with complete & comprehensive security packages that include multi-layered technologies Brand Protection and comprehensive service package to support customer’s security policy.

Some of our business partners are:



During the past 8 years, Microtag technology has successfully protected over 3 Billion product units with a cumulative value of over $40 Billion. These products have all belonged to large multi-national companies with world-wide sales networks and long supply-chains.

Our Mission

Providing the best and most secure authentication technology as a critical tool for High Quality Brand Protection

Our Technology

Highly Secure, Covert Authentication class Robust, Reliable, Unambiguous Machine- Readable Technology for Advanced Solutions

Compliance with ISO-12931:2012

Performance criteria for authentication solutions used to combat counterfeiting of material goods

  • Complies completely with all 5 categories listed in clause 4.2 - Performance Criteria Categories.
  • Complies with all issues in clause 4.3.2- Attack resistance for the authentication element (the taggant)
  • Complies with all issues in clause 4.4- Attack resistance criteria for the selection of authentication tools (the Reader)
  • Provides easy to implement and field use of the issues mentioned in clause Security,  such as Security policy and Supply chain security.
  • Provides powerful covert protection for T&T data making it highly secured against tampering / changes etc. as per definition: 2.25- Tamper evidence


Highly qualified and experienced Ph.Ds in condensed matter physics and magnetic resonance, teamed up with industry-seasoned electronic & chemical engineers as well as managers, to create Microag’s team, unique in the industry of Brand Protection. This combined, multidiscipline track record and capabilities results in high quality products and services to the top Brand Protection applications.


MicroTag and it’s business partners / integrators offers the customer comprehensive Brand Protection service package including consulting for security policy and implementation based on accumulating expertise of various projects.

Such consulting includes subjects like:

  • Assisting the customer to define the security policy as per customer’s objectives & consequently specifying the products Brand Protection requirements
  • Defining the appropriate protection for the specific product
  • Selecting the adequate security technologies for multi-level protection
  • Selecting the application modes that best fit the customer’s products
  • Defining the secure materials (for the security technologies) flow and application processes to avoid “leaks” diversions, misuse by sub-contractors etc.
  • Defining & establishing QA inspections at sub-contractors lines where security technologies application is done for tight monitoring of both application
    quality (I.e. field authentication reliability) and against misuse of materials.

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