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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sets µicroTag apart from all other anti-counterfeiting technologies?
  • µicroTag is the most sophisticated anti-fraud protection system currently in the market due to it's operating principles. The feature of unique taggants formulations (“Fingerprint”) provides, for the first time, customer’s own unique system that no one else,has any access to it. Additionally, this novel technology allows for multiple-level security of the tagged object, a feature not existing in any other anti-fraud system currently in the market.
  • Which objects can be protected by µicroTag system?
  • No limitations on either size, shape or materials of the protected objects. Few examples: banknotes, plastic cards, passports, ID cards, perfumes, wines, whisky, garment, footwear, pharmaceutical products, CD's, DVD's, books, jewelry, electronic components, cigarettes etc. Any other requirement? Just let us know and we will offer you the right protection customized to your product.
  • What are the components of the µicroTag system?
  • µicroTag system consists of the specific marking powder (Taggant) which is applied to the protected object and the detector (Reader) which is used for detecting the presence of the Taggant on the object and verify it's authenticity.

  • What is the µicroTag Taggant?
  • µicroTag Taggant is a micron size mineral powder having unique physical and chemical properties. There are many individual Taggants. Each Taggant formulation possesses its own "fingerprint" or "signature". The Reader for each such "Finger-Print" Taggant is, of course, specifically tuned so that each "pair" (of Taggant / Reader) constitutes an exclusive protection system.
  • How can I mark my products by µicroTag Taggant?
  • It depends on your requirements. you can use paper or plastic produced with a minute addition of µicroTag Taggant. Aleternaetly, you can print your document or authenticating labels by the regular ink containing µicroTag Taggant. The object is marked! No changes in artwork, no visible elements!
  • What is the µicroTag Reader?
  • µicroTag Reader is a small (but very sophisticated) transceiver device which operates with specific very low power RF waveform to identify the specific Taggant it is calibrated to find. The Reader detects a µicroTag Taggant directly or through a paper, plastic or even thin foil in close vicinity or from a short distance The Reader comes in many shapes and sizes, from a small hand-held unit up to a desktop one, depending on the specific use and operating conditions.

  • Is the µicroTag system safe for public use?
  • Definitely YES. Each Taggant undergoes strict safety tests in certified independent laboratories to verify it's suitability for the intended use. The Reader is working in safe radio- and TV-broadcast band, far below the questionable microwave band used by cellular phones and radars. The Reader uses very low RF power levels and corresponds to FCC or CE requirements.
  • May I use the µicroTag system for marking data on the product?
  • The µicroTag system allows storing encoded data written/printed by ink/material containing the Taggant by means of invisible or hidden codes.
  • Why is the µicroTag technology unique?
  • The µicroTag technology is based on physical principles, which are absolutely novel in the field of authenticating, identification and anti-fraud protection technologies. It has no resemblance with well known optical, magnetic or RFID technologies. The µicroTag technology uses very sophisticated phenomena on sub-molecular level.
  • Is the µicroTag technology price competitive?
  • Definitely YES. The pricing of tagging products depends on several factors such as type of tagging (Yes/No or Code), nature of the product (shape, size, location of the tagging), quantities, linking with other data on the product, etc. All in all the prices are very competitive with the best currently used systems while providing far better security features over and above those technologies.

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