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Readers (Detectors)

G3 New Generation Top-Performance Readers Family

Major attributes & advantages

  • Identifies very large number of fingerprint taggants
  • Greatly improved resolution even when working with small amount of taggant
  • Improved reliability when working in tough environmental conditions, much less sensitive to EMI,
    capable to meet 6 sigma criteria
  • Reliable detection when operating in close proximity to conducting substrates due to built-in auto-tuning feature
  • Automatic tuning/matching of the probe-head, adaptive to any type of materials
  • Modern DDS as sin RF source
  • Modern Altera FPGA for reader’s control and signal processing
  • Flexible processor software: FPGA software may be reprogrammed, updated etc.
  • On-chip, high-grade security protection against unauthorized access and cloning
  • Modern graphical and audible user interface (LEDs, OLED display, voice messages)
  • Additional functions for authentication data storage and reporting (optional)

MicroTag provides a range of readers configurations to support various functions as follows:

  • Stand alone Yes / No type hand held Readers – for field inspection applications
  • Stand alone Yes / No type Desk-Top Readers – for office & plant as well as special-purpose inspections
  • Code Readers – reading MicroTag taggant coding feature for special purpose applications such as credit cards protecting mag-stripe (or chip) information against copy or modifications on original card.
  • Reader-on-a card, for integration with other readers such as magnetic-card, smart-card, access control, Bar-Code readers, providing multi-function readers for secure Track & Trace as well as secure information specific applications.

Taggants (Markers)

Microtag provides various taggant formulations thus enhancing the security level to an unprecedented level. Large customers are provided with their own unique taggant, nick-named “fingerprint taggant” due to its truly unique and individual features which compare it to a fingerprint. This feature, essentially, provides the customer with a security comparable to having his own dedicated Brand Protection technology.

Customized Systems

Microtag Technology unique features and very high flexibility for various applications, enables a high degree of customization per customer’s needs and specifications.

This allows customers to formulate very sophisticated security strategies for their product lines, including changing features and security measures per the changing threats in the field.

This feature of flexibility and fast response capability to changing conditions is a great advantage in the current market situation were counterfeiters are becoming ever more sophisticated and capable.

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