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The application of the µicroTag(TMC) authentication technology, as shown graphically, in yellow, on this chart, provides both blocking and deterrence of fake products as well as tracing the routing of genuine ones. This flow-chart describes schematically, the flow of genuine and fake products along the supply-chain from design, through production, import, distribution and up to the final transaction – selling to the final customer.

Security and Brand Protection

  • Authentication and Track & Trace combined application
  • ID, Documents, Tax stamps various locations, securing selected features such as photos, numbers, symbols
  • Currency unique 3 separate security levels feature
  • Credit / Debit Cards securing both card & mag stripe information against partial & total changes/counterfeits. Reader combined in standard POS magnetic readers
  • Brand Protection customizing to individual product features

  • Access Control similar to credit cards
  • Pharmaceutical specific solutions for blisters, read-through-package, bottles tamper- proofing, secure track & trace feature. For comprehensive analysis of the Pharmaceutics specific anti-counterfeiting, T&T issues,
    see "Pharmaceutical Protection" article
  • Perfumes transparent tagging on bottles, read-through package, secure T&T features.
  • Tickets hand held readers, integrated readers into turn-stills

  • Artworks, Jewelry and Artifact Items secure track & trace, covert tagging in various spots on the object
  • Electronic Components / devices securing selected features & information

  • Seeds taggant integrated into standard coating of high value seeds

Protected Holograms

MicroTag taggant applied on the backside of holograms, provides a very robust protection layer and authentication tool against counterfeit holograms. This application has been in the field in hundreds of millions hologram protected products.

ID Cards and Credit Cards

Tagging the information sensitive locations on such cards provide powerfull authentication tool and anti-counterfeiting protection to these cards for both totally stolen identity or partially modified original cards

Supply - Chains Protection

The unique properties of the Microtag technology, especially the high rubustness against counterfeiters attacks, the very high authentication reliability under adverse conditions in the field, extremely simple operation in the field and optional data transfer from the readers via PC to remote control centers, make it an optimal tool for effective operation of true supply-chain monitoring and control system as per schematically described below. Successful field experience of customers, strongly supports the above described.

Supply  Chains Protection

Track & Trace

Track & Trace function is used extensively by many brand owners, especially in luxury goods having differential pricing practice, to fight against gray, or parallel marketing.

MicroTag solution is a most cost-effective, securing the currently used information carrier by applying it’s covert technology at the background. This saves the customer a lot of investment and transitional-period disruptions by allowing him to continue the use of his current infra-structure of (sometimes) world-wide IT system.

The relevant information is currently applied on the products, using the standard information carriers such as bar-codes (linear or 2D types), magnetic stripes, visual printing etc.

Microtag Reader Combined MicroTag /Bar code

QA Inspection

As an integral part of building up the high authentication reliability, Microtag provides for QA inspections in the product tagging lines or label tagging lines. The customer / integrator is provided with a special Reader for this activity including calibration means as well as detailed inspection instructions composed by Microtag specialists, based on detailed statistical analysis derived from the pilot runs of that specific product / label.

Follow-up on tagging process during routine production with full SPC analysis is provided by Microtag at the request of the customer, thus locking away any production run-ups and discrepancies.

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