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MicroTag Temed Ltd.


  • Invisible Machine Readable class
  • A portable RF transceiver
  • Micron-sized mineral powders (1 - 2 microns)
  • Only 50 µgr of taggant is required to secure any object
  • Several Sub-Molecular Physical effects such as NMR/MRI, EMR, NQR


  • Extremely High Resistance to Fraud -due to physical effects used (completely new to the authentication industry
  • Insensitive to ambient conditions such as magnetic or electrical fields, dirt, greases, temperatures extremes (-100 to 600 oC)
  • Custom “Fingerprint” tagging – unique tagging material for major customers / integrators means extra security
  • Very high authentication reliability with extremely low false readings rate – meeting 6 sigma level (3 false readings in a million readings)
  • Instantaneous Detection – allows for in-motion detection (such as credit cards).

Customer’s Operating Advantages

Definite Yes/No indication

  • No human judgment means higher operator performance reliability in adverse conditions

Provides solid evidence in court of law

  • Extremely high reading reliability

Flexible implementation on products

  • May be applied via most printing technologies, inside materials such as plastic, paper etc.

Inherent Control on sub-contractors


The Readers’ Operating Principles

These signals excite the taggant atoms to respond to unique frequency signals specific to the Fingerprint

The detector transmits specific radio frequency signals to the taggant on the marked object.

The taggant atoms emit the unique frequency signals.

The detector receives this signal and determines if the proper “Fingerprint” is present on the tagged object.

Comparative Positioning

The Magic Quadrant

for End-User

for End-User

Easy to Break

Hard to Break

Six Sigma Reliability

MicroTag technology has an extremely high authentication reliability when applied correctly

having extremely low false readings rate of 6 sigma level (3 false reading in a million).

It is the most reliable covert authentication technology, currently in the Brand Protection market.

Six Sigma at many organizations simply means a measure of quality that strives for near perfection..

Technology Robustness

MicroTag unique technology robustness, stems from it’s breakthrough in applying sub-molecular sophisticated effects, currently in use only in high cost applications such as medicine and research, to the Brand Protection applications. Currently, most Brand Protection technologies are either optical, magnetic or biological (DNA) effects. Most of these technologies have been in use for years and, respectively, they are well known to forgers. MicroTag came from a new direction - which are completely fresh and unknown to the current forgers generation, and takes a lot of knowledge base, resources and time to compromise.

Comparison with Other Technologies

  Main Usage Ease of counterfeit Reliability at “street level” Sensitive to environmental conditions Fall-back options
MicroTag Brand protection, Credit cards, Bank notes, Valuable documents, Smart Cards, Textile Very hard Requires very specific and high level expertise in physics Very high: Green & Red lights with simple detector. No operator skill required Not sensitive to dust, electro-magnetic fields, dirt, humidity, temperature. Built-in the system for easy switch to next defense line
Magnetic effects Credit cards, access control, Common Knowledge Extremely easy to duplicate or clone Poor. High false readings rate due to sensitivities Electro-magnetic fields, erosion, dirt, temperature and Reading distance None
OVI Bank notes, Valuable documents Easy to imitate and fool untrained person. Easy to buy in the open market Poor. Dependent on marking condition and viewer attention Very sensitive to dirt, and other materials obstructing line of sight None

Comparison with Other Technologies contd.

  Main Usage Ease of counterfeit Reliability at “street level” Sensitive to environmental conditions Fall-back options
Hologram Brand protection, Valuable documents, Bank notes Easy to fool untrained person in the special effects employed. Good with trained person plus mag. Glasses Dirt, and other materials obstructing line of sight. None
Bio-Tech. Bulk shipped materials. Brand Protection, Textile Hard to imitate High but only by skilled inspector in special labs. No quick “street level” ID Not sensitive None
Microchip Smart-Cards, Access control, Top boxes Highly skilled effort to brake or bypass. Within capability of current hackers. High with detectors as long as detectors are genuine Electro-magnetic fields, and dirt None
Microprint Bank notes. Brand Protection Difficult to copy by standard manufacturers. Can be replaced by look-alike Poor. Need training to identify Dirt, and other materials obstructing line of sight None

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